Kitchen Cabinet

KitchenCabinet is first and foremost a consultancy firm, for both Hospitality and B2B clients. As the word ‘kitchencabinet’ suggests, we act as your sounding board, your adviser behind the scenes. KitchenCabinet maintains just the right distance as we observe, evaluate and advise you on your business. And if you would like, we can also offer you a whole range of other services that help create added value while you concentrate on your core business: providing service to your customers.


It goes without saying that an ‘all-encompassing’ approach to the hospitality business will have much more impact than just a piecemeal solution. Everything we do for you is important, carefully thought through and detailed. We believe that the key to success lies in creating total synergy for every aspect of every project, rather than the sum of its parts.

Valued F&B hospitality strategies and services

Everything is important, to the smallest difference. 
Success is the result of the synergism of all ingredients (and not the sum…)
Today’s hospitality business is highly professional and fast moving.