Olivier Michils

 Olivier Michils is the ‘head chef’ at KitchenCabinet. He worked in Paris in the publicity sector and for a multinational in Arnsberg (Germany) in the marketing service and communication sector before joining Creneau International. The success of the various Belgian Beer Cafés – AB InBev’s sixty or so brasseries located around the world – for which Olivier’s job involved him from screening locations to managing the ongoing coordination, is undoubtedly the most visible calling card that highlights his expertise in the business. There are even two Belgian Beer Cafés named after him. But there are many more strings to his bow, where he provided advice on areas ranging from the ergonomic design to the franchise manuals.

KitchenCabinet does not specialise in creating vacuous hypes. On the contrary, our aim is to develop a carefully underpinned hospitality concept for you and keep it up to the mark, both in Belgium and internationally.